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March 2011
U.S. FOODSERVICE is the latest cold storage facility in Phoenix to come in to compliance following a comprehensive fire safety/hazardous materials audit by the Phoenix Fire Department.

Standing (left to right) are Tom Curtis, General Manager and Steve Vaughn, Facilities Manager.  US FOODSERVICE faced two challenges following their inspection....upgrading an existing ammonia detection system and tying it into their fire alarm panel and separating acids and alkaline corrosive liquids in storage. The installation of valve tags also represented a significant cost/time investment.  

Thank you to U.S. FOODSERVICE !

Congratulations Safeway Ice Cream !

February 2011
The Safeway Ice Cream Plant in Phoenix recently got a "thumbs up" for their work to correct issues identified during a comprehensive hazardous materials inspection by members of the Phoenix Fire Department's Special Hazards Unit.

Standing from left to right are: Scott Davis, Maintenance Technician; Carol Klaahsen, Maintenance Manager;  Jason Glover, Plant Manager; John McSwiggan, Controls Engineer;  John Knight, Maintenance Supervisor; Joe Hedgecoth, Maintenance Facilitator; Rich Jeffrey, Facilities Engineer; and Scott Boke, Maintenance Technician.

As a best practices facility, according to Carol Klaahsen, the mechanical integrity audit was very helpful in identifying areas of improvement.  This included significant repairs to insulation jacketing in the penthouse.

Congratulations to Supervalu Logistics !

December 2010.  Supervalu Logistics (Target) just completed their hazardous materials inspection with the Phoenix Fire Department's Special Hazards Unit.

Standing in front of a vessel in the north compressor room are Steve Fraser, Maintenance Supervisor and Craig Ellingson, Facilities Maintenance Manager.  Challenges they experienced included updating the P&IDs in order to install hundreds of valve tags throughout the facility, and the tie-in of an existing ammonia detection system to the fire alarm system.


Congratulations to Shamrock Dairy !

June 28, 2010 - Shamrock Dairy, Arizona's largest milk processor, recently completed corrections stemming from a Phoenix Fire Department hazardous material and fire safety inspection. This included the removal of an obsolete ammonia system, major improvements to their fire exiting plan, and the relocation of its disinfectant chemical storage area. One noteworthy innovation was the development of a "load-and-click" emergency response CD to assist first responders during incidents.

Standing from left to right are Jack Garrett, Chief Engineer, Bob Rupp, Supervisor, and Jim Decker, Regulatory Manager, all with Shamrock Dairy, Don Woods of Certified Health and Safety Consulting, and Roxie in the background. Great job fellas!


Congratulations to Stern Produce !

January 12, 2010-- Stern Produce, 3200 S. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, is the latest ammonia refrigeration end user to complete an intensive inspection process by members of Phoenix Fire Department's Special Hazard Unit. One requirement was to install a small red cabinet near the entrance to hold their emergency response documents.  Stern Produce also elected to install an ammonia detection system on the recommendation of the Fire Department.

The facility is serviced by Industrial Refrigeration and Boiler Company. Standing proudly outside is Billy Stern III, Vice President, Stern Produce.


Congratulations to Marketfare Foods !

December 17, 2009 - 
Marketfare Foods, 2512 E. Magnolia, is the FIRST facility in Phoenix to complete a new comprehensive inspection process for facilities that utilize ammonia refrigeration by the Phoenix Fire Department's Special Hazards Unit. Standing from left to right is Dave Nicklaw, General Manager and Robert Guiterrez, Facilities Manager, both of Marketfare Foods. To the right is Dean Pedrotti, Fire Captain, Phoenix Fire Department.

Mr. Nicklaw is holding their P&ID / Emergency Shutdown Binder, and Mr. Gutierrez is holding their Mechanical Integrity Audit.

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